The electronic cigarette by E-Cigs is a revolutionary smoking device that provides the same nicotine fix as traditional cigarettes. Sine the Electronic Cigarette does not emit actual smoke, you can enjoy the freedom to smoke it just about anywhere. The E-Cig does not contain tar, additives or carbon monoxide providing a less harmful approach to smoking. When you inhale, the nicotine is atomized into a dense vapor providing the traditional flavor and sensation of smoking a real cigarette giving you the same nerve-calming nicotine without all the carcinogens created by combustion in a regular cigarette.
E-Cigarettes, they are marketed as a way for smokers to get a nicotine fix without paying high taxes and facing bans on lighting up in public places.

Our Revolutionary electronic cigarette offers a real smoking pleasure & nicotine delivery without the tobacco, tar, smoke, or odor. Now smokers can enjoy cigarettes at a reasonable price without tar and without offending or endangering others with the second hand smoke of traditional cigarettes.
E-Cigarettes have many benefits and one of the most important is the huge amount of savings only smokeless cigarettes offer. Our electronic cigarettes don't cost you money, they save you money!